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1. General Rules

  • ① Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) considers your personal information crucial part in operating the website. KISTI offers credible protection for clientele’s personal information in accordance with 『Personal Information Disclosure Protection Act』 and 『Requirements for Personal Information Disclosure Protection』. KISTI will deal with the clientele’s information we collect and retain legitimately and appropriately as required by the law for public affairs’ proper performance with guarantee for civil rights. Add up to this, KISTI is open to the clientele how the information is used with what purpose and to what we do to protect it.
  • ② KISTI makes Privacy Agreement go public by putting it onto the first page of the website so as to be convenient for clientele to check and examine.

2. What personal information about clientele does KIST gather?

KISTI gives broad range of accessible contents to the people visit to the website without applying for membership. But if you would like to get benefited from the services providing to members only, it is required to fill out the information below, yet it is at your liberty to fill out the optional information.

  • ① Range of Collected Information in membership applying
    • Required Information: ID, password, name, sex, birth date, address, phone number, e-mail address (consent for e-mail subscription), occupation
    • Optional Information: Organization you belong to, academic degree, major, area of interest, department, occupation, FAX number etc.
  • ② Automatic Information
    • The full Uniform Resource Locator (URL) clickstream to, through, and from our Web site, including date and time
    • Users’ browser type or OS
    • When your web browser access to KISTI
  • Automatically collected information will be used in statistical analysis for improvements of services our homepage offers, and will be used for providing flawless data processing between users’ web browser and the website. However just in case, it can happen to submit these information to public institutions according to the related regulations.

3. The Use of collected Personal Information

  • ① We will use the collected e-mail addresses to gathering users’ opinions in events or in carrying out a survey.
  • ② We will collect users’ name, address, and phone number in a participant-oriented way. It is for the purpose of offering advanced services and presenting free prizes later.
  • ③ We continuously keep our clientele’s personal information safe unless our clients apply for withdrawing membership. However the gathered information for the transient purposes such as holding events or conducting surveys will be deleted at once the use is done.

4. With your Consent

You can agree or not agree to our Privacy Act and conditions of use by selecting 「agree」 or 「disagree」 button. If you choose to 「agree」 button, you are regarded consenting in gathering your information.

5. Gathering information by Cookies

  • ① What about ‘Cookies’?

    KISTI uses cookies for gathering and finding our information about you, which are small text files placed on your hard disk by a Web server. Cookies contain information that can later be read by a Web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you. When you sign in to a site using your KISTI account, we store your unique ID number, and the time you signed in, in an encrypted cookie on your hard disk. This cookie allows you to move from page to page at the site without having to sign in again on each page. When you sign out, these cookies are deleted from your computer. Therefore, cookies recognize your computer, not personalizing you. You have the ability to accept or decline cookies. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser setting to decline cookies if you prefer.

  • ② How KISTI manages cookies

    KISTI manages cookies for our users’ convenience. The information KISTI obtain by cookies is constrained to users’ ID related and we do not collect other information.

    • Offering unique services according to users’ interests
    • Target marketing for users’ interests
    • Providing personalized services for each client
    • Getting information in improving the services we offer

6. What About Third-Party Advertisers and Links to Other Websites?

  • ① KISTI uses clientele’s personal information according to the >Range of Collected Information and the purpose< as we discussed above. Our site excludes third-party person or organization and links to other Web sites. However there could be an exceptional case if the user allows to gather its information or other website or organization requires it with legitimate process.
  • ② KISTI will continuously try not to use inappropriately or provide our users’ information with illegal requirements.

7. Revision of your information

Anytime our members can read or revise their information and they can ask for withdrawing their ID. In case you’d like to read or revise your personal information, you can have one-click for 「Revision of Membership Information」 and revise it yourself or you can also contact to the membership information manager by e-mail. Revised information can be applicable since the revision is done.

8. Membership Withdrawal

  • ① On agreeing to withdrawing the personal information collected when you register it can be deleted in accordance with your decision. You can withdraw your account with one-click of ‘withdraw’ button or you can send an e-mail or give a call to the Membership Information manager. Then the withdrawal process will be done.
  • ② We will take a measure for withdrawal process so you won’t feel any inconvenience.

9. How to delete the personal information

When discarding users’ information, after achieving the purpose of collected personal information, it will be deleted in a beyond restoration way.

  • ① Your personal information will be deleted when the purpose of achieving the collected personal information.
  • ② stored personal information in the form of electronic files will be deleted using technical methods that cannot remain any records.

10. Retention period of the personal information

  • ① Your personal information will be deleted when the purpose of achieving the collected personal information. However, pursuant to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, as follows: if there is a need to be retained for confirmation of the relationship between rights and obligations, including a period of time to hold a certain period of time.
    • If membership information, membership withdrawal or expulsion from membership, purpose, four hold before period and to hold personal items of information to obtain explicit consent.
  • ② Under the condition that you consented at others’ seeing your information, KISTI will take measures for allowing your information to be accessible.

11. Privacy for technical and administrative measures

KISTI personal information in the handling of your personal information is lost, stolen, disclosure, alteration or tampering prevent the following technical and administrative measures to ensure safety to find.

  • ① The user information is protected by a password. You and KISTI Only an administrator can modify / delete the information. Therefore we strongly recommend not to give your password to any third party. Please take the measures necessary to protect the personal information such as password is automatically set to be saved, do not completely shut down all work using a computer in a public place, or if you share your computer with others.
  • ② In order to prevent your personal information from being leaked by the hacking device and to block the intrusion from the outside.
  • ③ KISTI access to your personal information is limited to a minimum of personnel. Which corresponds to the minimal number who follows And directly against the users who perform marketing business Who performed such as personal information management, personal information manager and representative
  • ④ Those unavoidable handling of personal information and other business Conducts regularin-house training andoutsourced training new security skills and the duty to protect the personal information about the employees who handle personal information
  • ⑤ Incident when a former employee of the security pledge in advance to prevent the information leaked by someone raise internal procedures for the auditing of the Privacy Policy for implementation and compliance staff and is the operator
  • ⑥ We are thoroughly processing change-over of persons in charge of personal information with strong security, and are clearly defining the responsibility toward accidents of personal information after entering and retiring our company.
  • ⑦ We are limiting access to Computer Room and Material Sacristy designated them as protected area.

12. Outsourcing of personal information

KISTI can outsourcing the works managing your personal information for the better service provision.

  • ① When we outsource the works managing your personal information, we will notify it.
  • ② When we outsource the works managing your personal information, we will clearly define "service provider's following instructions related to privacy", "Secrecy in personal information", "prohibition of a third party's provision and responsibility in accidents", etc. and store the contents of the year's contract in writing or electronically.

13. Collecting Opinions and Handling Complaints

  • ① KISTI is doing its best to protect personal information. When you'd like to propose or suggest improvements, please contact webmaster@kisti.re.kr
  • ② Accreditation Board for Trustmark (Phone number: 02-580-0534, http://www.eprivacy.or.kr)

14. Children's Privacy

KISTI dosen't collect personal information of children under 14 as a rule. But it makes an exception when there is a requirement of their legal representatives.

15. Action against plagiarized personal information

KISTI will take the actions necessary such as stopping service use toward the ID or removing membership without dealy when an user plagiarize personal information like other's resident registration number and sign up for a membership. Also, KISTI will take an immediate actions when the user knowing his personal information plagiarized requires stopping service use toward the ID or removing membership.

16. Information Transfer (New)

  • KISTI does not send advertising information for commercial purpose. However, for the various information which considered to be acceptable in terms of your service usage, we will provide them by email, letter, post, SMS or phone call. When we send emails, the following will be included in the title or the text.
    • The time and contents of approval, when the receiver agreed to receive
    • Indicating obligations including (advertisement), (spam), etc. when the receiver did not agree to receive
    • Name of sender (organization or representative name)
    • Email address
    • Telephone number
    • Business location(address)
    • The measures or means for receiver to easily express whether to receive the email or not (Both in Korean and English)
    • Other related law statements

17. Verification on privacy protection responsibility

KISTI is not to take responsibility for the information leaks and privacy violence by a third party done by other means than stated above.

18. Legal remedy for the infringement on rights and interests

[Official Privacy Agreement] In accordance with the Article 12(Access to processed information) section 1 and the Article 14 section 1(Correction of processed information), for those who suffer from the infringement on the rights and interests by official administrative measure or non-feasance can request for administrative trial as the law states or can get aid from Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee and Privacy Protection Report Center.

  • ※ Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee
    • Tel: 1336
    • URL : http://www.kopico.or.kr
  • ※ Privacy Protection Report Center
    • Tel: 1336
    • URL : http://www.cyberprivacy.or.kr
  • ※ Administrative Appeals Commission telephone number(Refer to the Legislative Office)
    Seoul Administrative Appeals Commission (02) 731-6157, 6557 Gangwon-do (033) 249-2132, 2478
    Busan (051) 888-2212 Chungcheongbuk-do (043) 220-2321∼4
    Daegu (053) 429-2137 Chungcheongnam-do (042) 251-2133
    Incheon (032) 440-2292 Jeollabuk-do (063) 280-2132
    Gwangju (062) 606-2132 Jeollanam-do (062) 607-2131
    Daejeon (042) 600-2152 Gyeongsangbuk-do (053) 429-2137
    Ulsan (053) 229-2132 Gyeongsangnam-do (055) 279-2133
    Gyeonggi-do (031) 249-2132 Jejudo (064) 710-2272

19. Chief privacy officer and manager

KISTI has appointed and managed chief privacy officer for the protection of rights and interests of people and performance of officials by securing legitimacy of personal information and appropriacy of procedure. Call the following number for make an inquiry or confirmation on KISTI owning personal information files and our privacy protection policy.

  • ① Chief Privacy Officer
    • Name : Ye Yonghee
    • Team : Service Development
    • Position: Team Leader
    • E-mail : yaeyh@kisti.re.kr
    • Phone number : 02-3299-6165
    • Fax : 02-3299-6067
  • ② Chief Privacy Manager
    • Name : Lee Taeseok
    • Team : Service Development
    • E-mail : tsyi@kisti.re.kr
    • Phone number : 02-3299-6074
    • Fax : 02-3299-6067

20. Duty of notification

  • Current privacy protection policy has been set in November 15, 2005. In case of addition, deletion or modification due to government policy or technology change, we will notify on 'Notice' of the homepage at least 10 days before the revision.
  • privacy protection policy version number: v1.2
  • privacy protection policy post date: May 28, 2007
  • privacy protection policy enforcement date: Jun 11, 2007

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