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GLORIAD(GLObal RIng network for Advanced Application Development) is the first 10Gbps global science technology collaboration network in the world. It was established in 2005 by Korea, the US, China, Russia, Canada and the Netherlands and it is a world wide network connected in a form of a circle with optic networks. 5 northern Europe countries including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and other countries including India, Egypt, Singapore has joined to establish GLORIAD-Taj project which connects the southern hemisphere networks to the prior network. Now 15 countries are participating in GLORIAD.

GLORIAD is providing innovative research environments to the Korean researchers that enables world class collaborative researches in the fields of high energy physics, nuclear fusion, meteorology and astronomy, all of which need to transfer massive amount of research data.

KISTI is in charge of the pacific section which connects China, Korea and the US. So it has established international PoP in Hongkong, Seattle and Daejeon. It is running an international lambda exchange node which enables high quality international lambda exchange, by connecting directly to the world class research networks in the US, Canada, China, Japan and etc. through PoPs in HongKong and Seattle. KRLight provides lambda networking environment as a part of GOLE, GLIF Open Lightpath Exchanges, and is a international lambda exchange node that represents Korea.


Also it has developed and applied various networking technologies like end-to-end lambda networking, international performance monitoring system and collaborating with different international research network communities like GLORIAD community, GLIF(Global Lambda Integrated Facility) consortium, APAN (Asia Pacific Advanced Network). By such activities, it is leading the international networking technology and supporting global collaborations in the research field using the technology.

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