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Business Goals

  • Utilizing recent research performances, to construct environments online for utilizing simulation program* for education and research regarding the field of natural sciences and engineering, and to improve adaptability to the latest technology of undergraduates and graduate students majoring in natural sciences and engineering.
    • Natural Sciences and Engineering Simulation Program : A program analyses the fundamental algorithm and visualize it through simulation. fluid flow, chemistry, etc.
  • setting the foundation of localization of foreign-made simulation programs regarding natural sciences and engineering, which are used in education and research in the long term.
Science and engineering simulation program

Reason for Launching

  • (Lack of connection between education and research) Lack of higher education utilizing recent research results, in spite of reduction of life cycle of technology, thus the expense of retraining*of new recruits increased.
    • In order to assign new recruits in the industrial settings without retraining, supporting the training of human resources who gained recent knowledge of study and skills in the stage of higher education, especially regarding natural sciences and engineering.

      * Life cycle of industrial technology : 6.3 years(the Small and Medium Business Administration) / Retraining period of recent college graduates : 19.5 months (The Korea Employers Federation)

    • The connection of research and education utilizing computing technology is the most effective for the improving of productivity of higher education. ('10 The Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology)
  • (Costly Foreign-made Programs) The high cost of foreign-made simulation program used in the field of higher education and research became obstacles to activation of education and research utilizing virtual experiments.
    • Securing original technology for simulation programs of natural sciences and engineering, and building an environment where we can utilize the programs anytime and anywhere online, and replacing the foreign-made softwares in the long run.

      * Domestic universities and industries need 80 billion won per year for the introduction of the simulation programs.

    • The domestic potential market size is 150 billion won per year, more than 90% of which is for imports.

Main Businesses

EDISON Platform
  • (Building EDISON Opentype Platform) Building, Providing and Supporting Integrated User Web Portal Service Environments for specialized simulation programs and use of contents
  • (Developing Framework and Middleware) Developing EDISON framework and core technology(Developing application-integrated technology of Science Appstore based on Web 2.0/3.0)
  • (Developing Simulation Programs and Contents) Developing education and research simulation programs regarding the natural sciences and engineering and contents for problem analysis of specialized field utilizing the results of national research business.

    * Specialized field(examples) : Structural Dynamics, Nanophysics, Heat Fluid, Chemistry, etc.

  • (Building and Providing Infrastructure) Building and providing EDISON user service infrastructure connecting superspeed supercomputers and research network.
  • (Forming Community and Supporting User) Organizing, running, and supporting the community for students, professors, and researchers in order to activate utilization of community and to expand performances in the education and research field
    • Using the community for lessons and research of related subjects in domestic universities and graduate schools
    • Holding symposiums and competitions connected with main societies of the specialized field.

Total Cost and Period of Business

  • Total Cost/Period : 31.9 billion won / from 2011 (ongoing)

    ※ Period for each specialized field : 5 years (2+2+1)

Progress Strategy

Promoting use for environments with combination of education and research of national natural sciences and engineering universities and graduate schools through progressing business stage by stage.

  • The 1st stage (Development stage) : Developing environments with combination of education and research(EDISON Platform) regarding the specialized field of natural sciences and engineering and Problem Analysis simulation programs, User service
  • The 2nd stage (Utilizing and Stabilizing stage) : reflecting users' requirements through trial service and stabilizing the EDISON system.
  • The 3rd stage (Expanding stage) : Expanding the distribution of EDISON, commercializing superior simulation programs and promoting technology transfer internally and externally.
The stage of promoting Main Center's Business

Systems and Role for Business Processing

EDISON Main Center(Covering the whole Business)

  • Making the whole business plan(Managing and supervising the participation assignment, Expanding utilization, Promoting and Improvement)
  • Supporting and Cooperating with participation assignment users through establishment and operation of Main Center (example: EDISON Main Center)
  • Developing EDISON Framework such as Science Appstore, etc.
  • Building environments with combination of higher education and research such as Web Portal for each specialized field
  • Providing Advanced science and technology infrastructure including Computing resources, network, etc.
  • Building systems connected with participating research agency and expanding the support of community internally and externally

EDISON Specialized Center for each field

  • Establishing and operating Specialized field Center(example: EDISON_Heat Fluid Center)
  • Activating User Support and Community, cooperating and sharing with directing organizations
  • Studying and developing original technology of simulation program for each specialized field
  • Establishing and developing experiments materials for each specialized field, basic codes, contents, etc.
  • Reflecting and expanding utilization of contents above in the curriculum of universities and graduate schools, drawing the improvements
The Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Expected Effects

Expanded utilization targeted at undergraduates and graduate students majoring in natural sciences and engineering

  • Anticipating yearly utilization of 60 thousand undergraduates and graduators who are majoring in natural sciences and engineering in more than 100 universities opening specialized fields as majors from 2016.

    * Specialized field(examples) : Structural Dynamics, Nanophysics, Heat Fluid, Chemistry, etc.

Training high-quality human resources who are majoring in natural sciences and engineering and learned advanced technology

  • Making juniors and seniors holding researching capacity of graduate school's level, and overcoming a sense of alienation of time and place between education and research, thus reducing the entering period from education to research

Securing original technology of Problem Analysis simulation program for education and research of natural sciences and engineering

  • Developing and sharing simulation programs for each specialized field, replacing the traditional simulation programs from foreign countries, Achieving economic ripple effects* of 500 billion won size

    * Domestic Market Size (example: Unit price of a program 70 million won/considering 1set, the number of users, etc.), calculating including inducted effect of import substitutions and added value

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