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This is a business establishing systems which make possible effective and common utilization of a supercomputer, a key tool for National Research and Development of Science & Technology through systematic linkage and management. Its aim is to optimize the use of supercomputer resources at national level, to activate supercomputing, and to systematize infrastructures.


Why We Need

There are four reasons as follows

  • Rapid increase in demand of Supercomputing resources in the field of the latest Science & Technology Research and Development.
    • Lack of Supercomputer resources even after the establishment of KISTI Supercomputer 4(360TF)
  • Institutions with Supercomputers mostly utilize their owns
    • Holding about 1.1PFlops computing resources in total based on Supercomputer Center Conference member institutions[20 institutions as of 2010]
  • Each institution with supercomputers is vulnerable to support system of manpower and technology, and have low utilization in terms of management.
  • Developed countries including United States, Europe, Japan, etc. are pushing ahead PLSI for being the leaders in the field of science and technology Innovation.

Abroad Cases

United States, Europe, and Japan are providing their own researchers supercomputing resources through the following businesses.

  • TeraGrid(XSEDE) of U.S.
  • DEISA(PRACE) of Europe
  • NAREGI of Japan


PLSI business started based on the necessities above, and will build partnership and leadership at nation level from now on.

  • Carrying forward PLSI business from 2007, and building the fundamental of partnership and leadership for supercomputing infrastructure focused on KISTI.
  • According to enacting the 'Act on utilization and promoting of National Supercapacity Computer' on June 7, 2011, the role and function of PLSI are politically established, and the business was expanded to national enterprise, not just a business for KISTI, stipulating continuous expansion of business.
  • After 2012 Establishment of Law Master Plan, changing their business to serious PLSI2 through securing government's budget.

PLSI Partner Institutions

PLSI business consists of 14 partner institutions including Konkuk Uni., KIAS, GIST, Meteorological Agency, Pukyong Uni., Busan Uni., Tongmyong Uni., Busan Techno Park, KOBIC, UOS, UNIST, Jeonnam Uni., KIST, and KISTI. They are rigorously chosen according to Partner Institution's roles and requirements, and are building supercomputing ecosystems for individual applications, and contributing to activation of supercomputing.

PLSI Partner Institutions

PLSI Integrated Supercomputing Service System

Among 14 partner institutions, 10 institutions(centers) linked 18 supercomputers to 1Gbps private network(KREONET), and installed Integrated Software Stack. Now they provide PLSI Integrated Supercomputing Service System holding computing performance about 100TFlops(1,115Nodes, 8,508 CPU cores) in total.

PLSI Integrated Supercomputing Service System

PLSI Executive Office

PLSI Executive Office is located in Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information(KISTI; Main Office at Daejeon).

  • Project manager : Jang Jihun Team Leader
  • Executive Assistant Administrator : Woo Jun Senior Researcher ( Tel 042-869-0595, E-mail :
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